Petting Zoo

Our animals are very popular and educational for children’s birthday parties and we can provide a small petting party as follows.

Our lovely bunny hop which can be assembled in any garden filled with Guinea Pigs and bunnies. We provide small coloured plastic chairs for the children to sit on with baskets to hold the animals. We have small brushes and cabbage for feeding.

We have a candy floss machine, a small Shetland pony or Donkey for riding, goats, chicken Ducks and sheep.

We can also provide face painting if you require.

We have chicks in season and can teach the children the art of egg blowing and afterwards they can paint their eggs.

If you have a small garden then don’t worry we can just bring a small amount with us.

We normally attend for an hour and a half leaving you whilst you have the Birthday tea.

Parking is required on site or as near to with easy access to the garden. If you are having a larger party please let us know as you might require longer and more animals

What we bring

  • We always arrive early to set up
  • We supply riding hats for pony riding
  • All the animals and enclosures
  • Brushes and animal feed to feed the animal
  • Face paints
  • 2 Animal Handlers
  • Antiseptic gel
  • Insurance

Larger Petting Farm

For the bigger corporate market, Town Centres and county shows we can supply a large petting farm as we do for Ascot and large organisations.

We have a goat mountain where the children can go into the enclosure and feed the goats from little coloured plastic cups and climb on bales of straw and interact with the goats  but due to restricted space on the trailer and on a large booking we do ask the client to provide the straw.

We have ponies and donkeys for rides and a portable plastic fence system which take the children on their ride, this contains the animals and makes riding safe but for this we need grass to put our metal stakes into.

We can come for 2 hours or for full days.

Always arriving early to liaise with the event organiser and set up

We are fully insured and can supply a risk assessment.

What we have

  • Bunny Hop
  • Goat mountain
  • Ponies
  • Sheep
  • Ducks and chickens
  • Chicks and ducklings (in season)
  • Pygmy hedgehog
  • Face painting
  • Candy floss machine
  • Donkeys
  • Reindeer

We can theme any party too Easter, seaside theme, Christmas, Frozen theme, halloween so please just send us your ideas and requirements